Houses in Roatán - Diamond Hill and Beach Resort

  • Diamond hill and beach resort

    Diamond Hill and Beach Resort

    The Diamond Hill and Beach Resort, spread over an area of 34 hectares, is situated in the eastern part of Roatán Island, which has so far not been affected by the evolving tourism. It consists of several adjoining plots selected for the construction of houses and the necessary facilities.

  • Nature and privacy

    Nature and privacy

    The concept predominantly aims to provide privacy nestled in beautiful nature. Individual properties form a natural part of tropical gardens, provide security and complete privacy. The first part of the completed project was awarded as the best project on the island with respect for nature and the environment in which it was built.

  • Impressive Caribbean scenery

    Impressive Caribbean scenery

    The project is architecturally developed in accordance with the local environment that respects the surrounding landscape and nature. The terraced slopes rising towards the border of the Port Royal National Park guarantee gorgeous views of the sea with the impressive scenery of the tropical island.

  • Security for your home

    Security for your home

    Management, security and project management systems form an integral part of the property ownership, where all properties are permanently managed, regardless of how often the owner visits the island.

  • Relaxation and leisure

    Relaxation and leisure

    Swimming and relaxation on the shores of the Caribbean Sea are within easy walking distance to Paya Bay, where you will also find refreshment facilities and a regular resort service. You will spend wonderful moments on some of the sandy beaches during a winter holiday or enjoy a permanent stay in a pleasant and healthy environment with your friends and patriots.

  • Complete facilitation

    Complete facilitation

    You will have the opportunity to make use of a restaurant as of February 2018 and a swimming pool in the first part of the project from the end of 2018. Their development has already begun in the spring of 2017. A new private beach is also being developed and will be available at your leisure.


Developing the second part of the project

Properties from the first part of the Diamond Hill project have been successfully sold and we are happy to announce that a new part of this future complex under the name Sunny Hill is now open to interested parties and investors.

Property map
Property map
We offer houses for sale in Roatán
We offer houses for sale in Roatán
We offer houses for sale in Roatán
We offer houses for sale in Roatán

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